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Why study in UK?

If you are considering UK for your studies abroad then GGS (Get Global Studies – UK based consultancy) is your right partner and we will guide you in every step with experts in UK and India.

  • Studying in the UK means studying at a world-renowned institution.
  • The United Kingdom currently has six institutions in the Global University Rankings with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge both scoring 100% when it comes to their academic reputations.
  • Possibility to earn between £10K to £15K via part time jobs during studying based on the chosen course.
  • On Successful completion of the course, post study Visa (PSW) for 2 years.
  • The quality of the universities in the UK means that your degree will be held in high regard by the world over employers.
  • The British Council estimates that 38% of Nobel Laureates who studied abroad did it in the UK.
  • The UK is substantially cheaper than other English-speaking abroad destination.
  • Less duration courses means less expense and quick job opportunities.

Top University in UK

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Cost of Studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK will vary from one institution to another; however, here we have offered a general estimation list which will help you in every way.

Concentrating abroad can be a costly undertaking for students going to pursue their studies in the UK. In any case, a productive budget arrangement can assist you in dealing with your everyday costs all the more successfully.

Before leaving India, guarantee that you consider costs like settlement, food, wellbeing inclusion and travel, alongside tuition cost while computing the evaluated cost of concentrating study in the UK.

Top Ranking of UK Universities

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Can I study in UK without IELTS?

A student can get admission in any university of UK on the basis of English marks attain in 12th standard and also few of the university allows application on the basis of MOI.

Why study in UK?

The UK is fast emerging as one of the most popular study destinations for education in the world. Recently 2-year post-study work visa in UK expand the opportunities for talented Indian students to build successful careers. There are lots of other factors to choose UK, like unparalleled academic, professional skills with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Is Uk a good place to study?

Yes, of course. It is one of the most popular study abroad destination for Indian students. There are almost 20,000+ students go to UK for their abroad study.

Can indian students work in UK?

Yes, In the UK as an international student, you’re allowed to work up to 20 hours at maximum per week during term-time and full-time during holiday breaks. But there are many restrictions and conditions you must stay in line with in order to be allowed to work.

Is scholarships are available in Uk?

Yes, almost every university do offer scholarships to international students.

Is there Shorter duration of courses available?

Courses in the UK education system are shorter and more intensive than many other countries, which means you’ll graduate sooner, and without compromising on quality. While you can complete an undergraduate program in three years, you’ll be able to finish a graduate program in just one year.

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