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Why study in Azerbaijan?

Education is the future of every nation. It would not be wrong if we consider that the development of modern times, solution of our problems, depends on the development of education. Because without improvement of our education we cannot solve the facing of problems or solve the most important issues. In other words, the level of education is the main factor that determines the level of quality that is indicator of the society.

The main advantages of studying in Azerbaijan are following:

  • One of the modern European where you will get a chance to have education in 3 languages – Azerbaijan, Russian and English.
  • Education is much cheaper compared to other countries.
  • Affordable standard of living
  • The level of education in Azerbaijan Universities is very high. Students who have graduated from these universities, are able to find job easily not only in Azerbaijan but also all over the world.
  • One of the countries with the least crime rate.
  • No discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, sexual
  • Studying in Azerbaijan can lead to Azerbaijan citizenship easily enabling travelling to European countries, without a visa, and some of them with simplified visa.

Top University in Azerbaijan

Top Courses in Azerbaijan

Cost of Studying in Azerbaijan

  • Low Cost of Living
  • O Level students can directly enroll in a bachelor’s degree
  • The country is recognized as one of the modern European nations
  • Affordable Education
  • The country’s public is famous for its great hospitality and tolerance levels
  • Students can choose a variety of career fields such as Engineering and Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Education and Languages, Art and Culture, and Medicine.

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Can Students work in Azerbaijan?

You are not allowed to work in Azerbaijan if you are a student, the company can’t hire you legally because you will require to change your visa status and need to apply for a work permit which costs around 1000 USD. If you are asking for international students, yes, they can find several jobs.

Why choose to study in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has a strong education system. Azerbaijan universities are Bologna System Universities. By studying in Azerbaijan you will get a chance to have education in 3 languages including Azerbaijan (which can be considered a dialect of the Turkish language), Russian and English.

Is it good to study in Azerbaijan?

If you are looking for an opportunity to get quality and affordable education in a foreign country, Azerbaijan Universities are a good idea! … Each year more than 5500 foreign students from more than 60 countries come to Azerbaijan to study, enriching the multicultural environment of the country.

Is it easy to get job in Azerbaijan?

Working in Azerbaijan is not difficult, if you don’t have a job you can find plenty on them in online job portals, and, depending on your working situation, you will have to pay a certain amount of taxes. Read more about job hunting, taxation, and social security in our guide.

Is Azerbaijan a safe country?

Azerbaijan is relatively safe to visit but you should watch out for both petty and violent crime. In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, you should expect crime like in many cities around the world, but the problem here is that petty crime made way for more violent types of crime, some of them involving foreigners.

What is Azerbaijan famous for?

Azerbaijan, the land of fire!
One of Azerbaijan’s most famous sites is Yanar Dağ (or “Burning Mountain“), a natural glowing fire burning on a hillside along the Caspian Sea. True to its name, the mountain has been blazing for at least 65 years!

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